Arrive Early: Our StandardXE long-term parking lot is nearing capacity. Please prepare to park in the jetSet parking lot.

Pilot Services

The fixed-base operators at Saskatoon Airport provide business and itinerant aircraft refueling, temporary parking and executive passenger lounges, deplaning and enplaning services. Our fixed based operators include Kreos Aviation, Shell, and Aero Logistics America.

YXE Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Services accommodate aircraft category 6 at all times. ARFF services are also able to accommodate category 7 within 30 minutes prior notice if necessary.

The Airport has two runways (09/27, 15/33) with ILS, BC, VOR and NDB approach aids. The runways terminal apron and taxiways have pavement load rating of 11. The general aviation taxiways and aprons have a pavement load rating of 8.

Our Nav Canada Air Traffic Control Tower operates 0600 to 2245 in the summer months and 0645 to 2245 in the winter months. Flight Service Station operates 2245 to 0600 in the summer months and 2245 to 0645 in the winte.

Contract support services include: customer service for domestic and international flights; flight kitchen; ground support services; transient maintenance support; refueling services.

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