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Tammy Van Lambalgen

City of Saskatoon

Tammy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Juris Doctor degree graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 1993. Starting her career in Calgary, Tammy practiced law at a large firm before moving to in-house counsel at Shell Canada. In 2003, she returned to Saskatoon to join Orano Canada Inc. Since joining Orano she has enjoyed a variety of responsibilities leading to her current position of Vice President, Chief Corporate Officer overseeing human resources, legal, communication and corporate social responsibility.

In addition to her role at Orano Canada, since 2013 Tammy has served on the Board of Directors of SaskPower, a Saskatchewan crown corporation, and currently is the Chair of the Governance and Human Resouces Committee. She is also the Chair of the Saskatchewan Mining Association and a Director at the Nutiren’s Wonderhub, acting as Board Chair for three years.