Passenger Services

Baggage Delivery

Baggage carts are available free of charge in the terminal building and parking lot for your convenience.

There are three baggage conveyors in the arrivals area of the terminal building with one dedicated baggage conveyor for international arrivals located in the customs and immigration facility. Oversize baggage drops are available.

For assistance with lost baggage, see your airline agent in the terminal facility.

Help / Information

Accessibility Services

The Saskatoon Airport is continually working to create a barrier-free facility for all guests and passengers. Some of the current services offered are:

  • Unisex/Family washrooms
  • Barrier Free entry/exit washrooms
  • Wheelchairs are available in the terminal building
  • Wheelchair accessible ramps and elevators
  • Flight Information monitors located throughout the airport providing real-time details of the flights arriving and departing the facility

Currency Exchange and Banking

International Currency Exchange (ICE) is located in the terminal pre-security. Starting April 1 ICE hours will be 4am - 11am daily. Convenient 'Click & Collect' service is available online at Automated banking machines are located pre-security beside the information booth and post security between gates 5 & 6.  

Information Booth

The information booth located in the center of the terminal building is available for assistance from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Tourism and community information is available at the information booth detailing attractions and accommodations for various regions.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items that are collected inside or outside the terminal building and in the parking lot are turned in at the Information Booth centrally located in the terminal building. Items may be claimed 24 hours a day - seven days a week. Information regarding lost items may be received by calling Airport Information at 306-975-8900. For items lost on board an aircraft, or for lost luggage concerns, please contact the airlines directly.

Wireless Fidelity (WI-FI) Powered by SHAW  

The Airport is a WI-FI hotspot. WI-FI hotspots provide the ability to log onto the Internet at high speeds without having to plug in. Ensure your laptop or pocket PC is equipped with a WI-FI (802.11) wireless card. 

WI-FI is provided complimentary by the Saskatoon Airport Authority and Shaw.

Airport Ambassadors Program

In continuing with the Saskatoon Airport's friendly environment, volunteer Airport Ambassadors are available throughout the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport to answer your questions, provide directions and offer needed assistance.

The Ambassadors operate from the Saskatoon Shines Reception Centre, located in the arrivals area of the terminal.

If you are interested in becoming an Airport Ambassador, contact Maxine Montgomery at the Saskatoon Airport Authority office at 975-4952. Print application here

Community Features

Saskatoon Shines Reception Centre

The Saskatoon Airport Authority has developed the Saskatoon Shines Reception Centre for organizations within the community to use as the welcome point for visitors coming to their special event or function in Saskatoon.

The Reception Centre is located near the arrivals area and baggage pick-up area in the Terminal building. The Saskatoon Shines Reception Centre is made available by the Saskatoon Airport Authority free of charge.

To make a booking, contact the Saskatoon Airport Authority general office at 306-975-4274. For your convenience you may download the following document to assist you in booking the Saskatoon Shines Reception Centre to welcome your delegates.

The Saskatoon Shines Reception Centre User Agreement (pdf)

(PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this software, click here to download a free copy of the Reader.)

Event Shuttles

Parking directly in front of the arrivals area of the terminal building is available as a Special Event pick-up zone. Special Event parking privileges will only be granted with prior arrangements made through the Saskatoon Airport Authority.

The special events zone is specifically for public or community events. All vehicles in this zone are required to have event identification on the dash or the side of the vehicle. To make arrangements, contact the Saskatoon Airport Authority at 306-975-4374.

Airport Tours

The Saskatoon Airport Authority does not provide guided airport tours; however, the terminal building is open to the public for self-guided tours. The public is free to observe planes from the airside viewing area in the food court. The Arts and Cultural Display, Attractions Display, Saskatchewan Aviation Council Wall of Fame Display and Community Based Interpretive Centres also offer interesting stops during your visit.

Community Showcase Opportunities

The Saskatoon Airport Authority is committed to making the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport a venue that showcases the community of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Since the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport is the first and last place that visitor's see when they arrive and depart from our city, it is important that the community leave a memorable impression.

It is envisioned that this impression will capture the theme of our community "Saskatoon Shines", our successes (industry, education, and innovation), historical background and people of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. We are pursuing opportunities to "tell the story of the Community" while also enhancing the Airport Experience.

The Community Showcase program concepts include three basic focus categories, permanent initiatives, rotational displays and video opportunities. New initiatives are not limited to this approach, as the program is adaptive to other concepts. The entire Airport complex, including the Air Terminal Building and surrounding lands offer a variety of display mechanisms, intended to be representative of and "showcase" our community.

For more information on how to "Tell your story" please contact the Saskatoon Airport Authority at 306-975-4952.