Role of SAA

Vision, Mission and Values

The Vision 

The SAA has a bold vision of becoming an integrated and more customer-centric company focused on delivering the most valued airport experience in Canada to our airport community.



To Be Canada’s Most Valued Airport Experience


In a multi-lateral approach, the SAA, the air carriers, the ground handlers and value added service providers are partners that share in the influence of delivering guest services and achieving the most valued airport experience in Canada.  Inherently then, a collaborative relationship between all airport partners will be an important factor in achieving our vision.

The Mission

The Board and management recognize the critical role that the airport plays in the economic and social development of the region and the province.  Our mission goes beyond merely operating an airport which is adequate, but one which will support the full potential of our communities and province in the world economy.


To continuously advance the growth of our region as a centre for commercial aviation excellence by:

Ensuring excellence in safety and security

Surpassing expectations through a culture of superior customer service

Seamlessly connecting Saskatchewan's communities to the world

Operating efficiently with care for the environment

Successfully partnering with our stakeholders

  Developing and empowering our people.

Our Values 

The pillars supporting our mission and vision statement are our Corporate Values which guide our decision making, actions and behaviours as well as reinforce the importance of our people, our partners, our customers and our stakeholders.


At the core of everything we do, we are accountable for our actions always being honest, ethical and respectful in the use of resources, treatment of our customers and each other.



Primary to our business is minimizing all risks to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment.   We value innovation, operational excellence and continuous improvement.  We responsibly manage our assets to deliver environmental stewardship, corporate citizenship and regional prosperity.



Our people grow our business.  We work together as a team to foster a cooperative environment that values our accomplishments and exceptional performance.  We succeed when our partners do and proactively seek opportunities to collaborate with them to advance the success of all.



We provide facilities and services that are driven by customer expectation and strive to provide an airport experience that is genuinely valued by our guests.

YXE Security Policy Statement         

The Saskatoon Airport Authority, in cooperation with affected stakeholders and law enforcement partners, will take all necessary and appropriate actions, consistent with applicable laws, statutes, and regulatory requirements of an emergency direction to enhance the security of the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport, and promote a safe and secure aviation experience for the traveling public. The implementation of this policy statement is to be consistent with a risk-based prioritization of aviation security strategies and tactics.

Activities to support this policy statement include:

Improving situational awareness of security issues affecting the aerodrome and facilitating and enhancing information sharing to improve detection of threats and appropriate responsive actions;

Ensuring seamless, coordinated efforts relating to aviation security among federal, provincial, and local agencies and authorities;

Enhancing national and provincial relationships and promoting the integration of other agencies and private sector partners in an improved national aviation security framework; and

Protecting the aerodrome and infrastructure from hostile, criminal, and unlawful acts and reduce the vulnerability of the air domain to these types of possible attacks  or exploitation


The Saskatoon Airport Authority will ensure the Security Policy is:

Communicated to all persons employed at the airport via the online Security Awareness Program training package (see section 1.5);

Communicated to those individuals who require access to the policy in the course of their employment;

Posted throughout the aerodrome through mediums such as electronic messaging, bulletins, posters and signage; 

Included in the terms and conditions for receipt of a RAIC or YXE Groundside Pass and signed by the pass holder.

The communication will ensure that the Security Policy is appropriately accessible while establishing a means of assessing the effectiveness of the policy statement through a combination of surveys, polls and interviews to ensure its continuing validity.
Richard Jasieniuk, Manager of Public Safety and Risk


Saskatoon Airport Authority Bylaws (108 KB PDF)

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History of the Saskatoon Airport Authority

Saskatoon Airport Authority took over operations of the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport from Transport Canada in 1999. Service, financial viability, expansion and accountability were the foundation of the Authority's objectives during the first year of operation.

The Airport Authority hit its stride in 2000, approving an expansion and renovation of the Air Terminal building (ATB) to facilitate continued growth of both airline travel and the economy of central and northern Saskatchewan. The project was a significant step toward the vision of making John. G. Diefenbaker International Airport Saskatchewan's premier airport.

During the third year of the Authority control of the Airport, the success of Saskatoon's Airport was reflected not only in building improvements but also in its continually increasing passenger volume. More than 1 million passengers used the Airport in 2007, up from 950,000 the previous year. One of the factors contributing to the success of the Authority is its close and productive relationship with the City of Saskatoon. Regular consultations with the City enabled the Authority to remain a low-cost, community airport that supports and encourages economic development in Saskatoon and northern community.

The completion of the first two phases of terminal redevelopment was the most significant news over the first 5 years of operation. The redeveloped and expanded terminal, officially opened in 2002, has the capacity to welcome 1.4 million passengers annually. Recently there has been a renewed focus on promoting and expanding the capacity of the airport as a tool for economic facilitation. In addition, the redeveloped terminal will provide a catalyst to continually improve the "airport experience" for the customers.

During the first five years the Saskatoon Airport Authority has faced many challenges from turmoil in the airline industry to national terrorism. Yet, as the fifth anniversary of the Authority and the 75th Anniversary of the Saskatoon Airport were marked in 2004, it was clear that the Authority has developed into a financially sound, modern and successful airport, totally committed to the growth of Saskatoon as a vibrant center for industry, commerce and tourism.

The Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport ranks among the top airports of its size in Canada in a national survey of customer satisfaction. Amongst the many accomplishments in the spirit of partnership is the agreement with the City of Saskatoon on an innovative approach to stabilize municipal taxation of the airport. Similarly, The Saskatoon Airport Authority is grateful for a productive working relationship with the Government of Saskatchewan. Realizing a modern airport involves more than successful operation of a terminal. The Saskatoon Airport Authority is working hard to market airport land, seeking new commercial tenants in the areas of airlines and airline services, tourism and courier companies. Community involvement continues to be the guiding force of Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport. With the redeveloped first class terminal facility and continually increases services, we look forward to the airport becoming a community destination.

Community Consultative Committee

The committee is composed of Directors of the Saskatoon Airport Authority and interested members of the community, as chosen by the Saskatoon Airport Authority Board of Directors. Representation includes individuals capable of representing the interests of the various airport user groups the Airport Community, Saskatoon Business Community, and the Northern Communities in Saskatchewan.

In an effort to increase input from the community, the Saskatoon Airport Authority has created two working groups to act as advisory committees and bring ideas from the community forward to improve the role of the Saskatoon Airport as an economic facilitator. The two working groups are comprised from the Community Consultative Committee and interested parties. The Customer Service and Marketing Community Linkages Working Group enhances the customer service experience at the Saskatoon Airport, and positions the Airport as a partner with the community, as well as provides a venue to showcase the community. The focus of the Air Services Group is to encourage business, land and air service development opportunities to enhance the airport facilities.