Times may change without knowledge or notification to the Saskatoon Airport. In the event of a schedule discrepancy, please contact the airline directly.

Last updated: December 21, 2014 at 10:10 PM
AirlineFlight #Coming FromScheduledEstimatedGateStatus
Air CanadaAC8293Winnipeg08:06 AM08:13 AM7Arrived
Air CanadaAC8580Calgary10:12 AM10:12 AM7Arrived
West JetWS3275Winnipeg10:37 AM10:33 AM4Arrived
Air CanadaAC1121Toronto10:58 AM10:28 AM5Arrived
Air CanadaAC8586Calgary2:02 PM2:19 PM7Arrived
West JetWS3274Edmonton2:11 PM2:10 PM4Arrived
United AirlinesUA6306Denver2:47 PM3:59 PM8Arrived
West JetWS912Calgary3:13 PM3:11 PM6Arrived
Air CanadaAC8297Winnipeg3:46 PM4:02 PM7Arrived
SunwingSWG484Cancun6:15 PM6:15 PM9Arrived
Transwest9T801Stony Rapids,Prince Albert6:20 PM6:20 PMHGRArrived
Air CanadaAC8588Calgary6:42 PM6:52 PM8Arrived
Air CanadaAC1125Toronto6:53 PM6:17 PM7Arrived
Air CanadaAC8574Vancouver7:35 PM7:48 PM7Arrived
West JetWS3116Kamloops,Calgary7:57 PM7:55 PM5Arrived
West JetWS323Toronto8:58 PM8:33 PM6Arrived
Air TransatTS725Regina9:15 PM9:15 PM8Arrived
Air TransatTS025Regina11:15 PM11:15 PM8Arrived
United AirlinesUA6308Denver11:22 PM11:28 PM9Arrived
West JetWS3276Edmonton11:56 PM12:49 AM3Arrived
Delta AirlinesDL3593Minneapolis12:22 AM12:38 AM9Arrived
Air CanadaAC8576Vancouver12:30 AM12:56 AM4Arrived
Air CanadaAC1127Toronto12:48 AM12:10 AM5Arrived
West JetWS276Calgary12:58 AM12:53 AM8Arrived
Air CanadaAC8592Calgary01:47 AM01:45 AM7Arrived
Last updated: December 21, 2014 at 10:10 PM
AirlineFlight #Coming FromScheduledEstimatedGateStatus
SunwingSWG619Varadero08:05 AM08:05 AM9Arrived
Air CanadaAC1121Toronto10:58 AM10:32 AM7Arrived
West JetWS456Calgary11:10 AM11:00 AM6Arrived
West JetWS846Calgary12:08 PM12:00 PM6Arrived
Air CanadaAC8586Calgary2:02 PM1:55 PM7Arrived
West JetWS3274Edmonton2:11 PM2:12 PM4Arrived
Air CanadaAC8568Vancouver2:25 PM2:15 PM5Arrived
United AirlinesUA4633Denver2:47 PM2:34 PM8Arrived
West JetWS112Vancouver,Calgary3:08 PM3:08 PM6Arrived
Delta AirlinesDL3830Minneapolis3:36 PM3:06 PM9Arrived
Air CanadaAC8297Winnipeg3:46 PM4:03 PM7Arrived
West JetWS2419Cancun5:33 PM5:12 PM7Arrived
Air CanadaAC8387Fort Mcmurray,Edmonton5:50 PM5:50 PM9Arrived
Pronto AirwaysWEW716Wollaston Lake,Points N. Landing,Prince Albert5:55 PM5:55 PMHGRArrived
Pronto AirwaysWEW712Stony Rapids,Fond-Du-Lac,Prince Albert6:10 PM6:10 PMHGRArrived
Transwest9T801Stony Rapids,Prince Albert,Saskatoon6:20 PM6:20 PM3Arrived
West JetWS3194Winnipeg6:27 PM6:55 PM5Arrived
Air CanadaAC8588Calgary6:42 PM6:37 PM8Arrived
Air CanadaAC1125Toronto6:53 PM6:36 PM7Arrived
Transwest9T503Wollaston Lake,La Ronge,Prince Albert7:00 PM7:00 PM3Arrived
Air CanadaAC8574Vancouver7:35 PM7:24 PM8Arrived
Air CanadaAC8295Winnipeg7:46 PM8:03 PM7Arrived
West JetWS3116Kamloops,Calgary7:57 PM8:06 PM5Arrived
West JetWS323Toronto8:58 PM8:41 PM6Arrived
Air TransatTS353Puerto Vallarta9:30 PM9:34 PM8Arrived
West JetWS182Kelowna,Calgary10:22 PM10:15 PM6Early
SunwingSWG530Puerto Vallarta10:30 PM10:30 PM7On Time
United AirlinesUA6308Denver11:22 PM12:42 AM8Delayed
West JetWS3276Edmonton11:56 PM11:55 PM3On Time
Delta AirlinesDL3593Minneapolis12:22 AM12:05 AM9Early
Air CanadaAC8576Vancouver12:30 AM12:30 AM4On Time
Air CanadaAC1127Toronto12:48 AM12:22 AM5Early
West JetWS276Calgary12:58 AM12:58 AM6On Time
Air CanadaAC8592Calgary01:47 AM01:47 AM4On Time
Last updated: December 21, 2014 at 10:10 PM
AirlineFlight #Coming FromScheduledEstimatedGateStatus
West JetWS1335Las Vegas02:13 AM02:36 AM8Delayed
Express AirEA302Regina07:45 AM07:45 AMHGROn Time
Air CanadaAC8293Winnipeg08:06 AM08:06 AM4On Time
Express AirEA304Regina08:45 AM08:45 AMHGROn Time
Air CanadaAC8298Edmonton10:10 AM10:10 AM9On Time
Air CanadaAC8580Calgary10:12 AM10:12 AM4On Time
West JetWS3275Winnipeg10:37 AM10:37 AM7On Time
Air CanadaAC1121Toronto10:58 AM10:58 AM5On Time
West JetWS456Abbotsford,Calgary11:10 AM11:10 AM8On Time
Air CanadaAC8586Calgary2:02 PM2:02 PM4On Time
West JetWS3274Edmonton2:11 PM2:11 PM7On Time
United AirlinesUA4633Denver2:47 PM2:47 PM8On Time
Air CanadaAC1123Toronto2:53 PM2:53 PM5On Time
Transwest9T103Stony Rapids,La Ronge,Prince Albert2:55 PM2:55 PM3On Time
West JetWS112Vancouver,Calgary3:08 PM3:08 PM7On Time
Pronto AirwaysWEW802Points N. Landing,Uranium City,Fond-Du-Lac,Stony Rapids,Prince Albert3:30 PM3:30 PMHGROn Time
Delta AirlinesDL3287Minneapolis3:36 PM3:36 PM9On Time
Delta AirlinesDL3830Minneapolis3:36 PM3:36 PM9On Time
Air CanadaAC8297Winnipeg3:46 PM3:46 PM4On Time
West JetWS1325Phoenix3:48 PM3:48 PM8On Time
Express AirEA308Regina4:45 PM4:45 PMHGROn Time
Express AirEA310Regina5:45 PM5:45 PMHGROn Time
Air CanadaAC8387Fort Mcmurray,Edmonton5:50 PM5:50 PM9On Time
Air CanadaAC8486Edmonton5:50 PM5:50 PM9On Time
Pronto AirwaysWEW816Wollaston Lake,Points N. Landing,Prince Albert6:20 PM6:20 PMHGROn Time
West JetWS3194Winnipeg6:27 PM6:27 PM6On Time
Air CanadaAC8588Calgary6:42 PM6:42 PM4On Time
Air CanadaAC1125Toronto6:53 PM6:53 PM5On Time
Transwest9T503Wollaston Lake,Points N. Landing,La Ronge,Prince Albert7:35 PM7:35 PM3On Time
Air CanadaAC8574Vancouver7:35 PM7:35 PM4On Time
Air CanadaAC8295Winnipeg7:46 PM7:46 PM5On Time
West JetWS3116Kamloops,Calgary7:57 PM7:57 PM6On Time
West JetWS2403Puerto Vallarta8:06 PM8:06 PM7On Time
Air TransatTS261Cancun8:35 PM8:35 PM8On Time
West JetWS323Toronto8:58 PM8:58 PM6On Time
SunwingSWG355Montego Bay9:05 PM9:05 PM9On Time
Transwest9T301Stony Rapids,Prince Albert,Saskatoon9:15 PM9:15 PM3On Time
Pronto AirwaysWEW822Stony Rapids,Fond-Du-Lac,Prince Albert9:35 PM9:35 PMHGROn Time
West JetWS182Kelowna,Calgary10:22 PM10:22 PM6On Time
United AirlinesUA6308Denver11:22 PM11:22 PM9On Time
West JetWS3276Edmonton11:56 PM11:56 PM3On Time
Delta AirlinesDL3593Minneapolis12:22 AM12:22 AM9On Time
Air CanadaAC8576Vancouver12:30 AM12:30 AM4On Time
West JetWS276Calgary12:58 AM12:58 AM7On Time
Air CanadaAC8592Calgary01:47 AM01:47 AM4On Time